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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Line Of Best Fit: 2006 Playlist

A Christmas present to you all. As this will be the last post of the year I thought i'd treat you all...

The Line Of Best Fit: 2006 Playlist is a 17 track compilation of my choice picks of the year. There is something for everyone here so feel free to grab it. I hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas!


01.Consolation Prizes - Phoenix
02.Black & Blue - Tim O'Reagan
03.Fire In The Sky - The Hazey Janes
04.Where Are You Go Go Going To? - Loney, Dear
05.7/4 (Shoreline) - Broken Social Scene
06.Be Good Or Be Gone - Fionn Regan
07.The Crane Wife 3 - The Decemberists
08.Low Happening - The Howling Bells
09.Eyes on the Prize - M. Ward
10.Waiting for the Time to Be Right - The Brother Kite
11.Black Swan - Thom Yorke
12.The Jeopardy of Contentment - What Made Milwaukee Famous
13.Let's Get Out Of This Country - Camera Obscura
14.There Goes My Outfit - The Dears
15.The Hope Edition - My Latest Novel
16. ABC - The Pipettes
17.Head Home - Midlake

Download it by clicking here.


bornbytheriver said...

BSS was in 05.

Admin said...

January 2006 in the UK. ;-)

rickdog said...

Please repost, I'd love to listen to your compilation.

Have you checked out They give you unlimited storage with no time or bandwidth limits, and you can hotlink the files so the user can stream or download the files without going to the hosting site.