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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Signing In....

Wow - has been a month already since my last post? Time flies when youre having fun I guess. Lots of exciting stuff happening at the moment... Tomorrow sees The Charlatans play at Brixton Academy in London which I am very much looking forward to. The setlist is looking great with the band throwing in all sorts of old goodies - expect a full review at the start of next week. In the meantime though why not subscribe to the bands daily podcast - so far it been highly entertaining. Click here for more info...

Also on Friday check out the Album Chart show on Channel 4 as a band called Brinkman are making their TV debut. A few years ago under a different name - The Vessels - the band made a tiny splash with their excellent countrified debut. After losing their guitarist and bass player though, the band regrouped and changed their name, and their sound. Check out their myspace page here.

Much to many an artists frustration there have been a fair few leaks of 2007 releases in the past few weeks. Most notably LCD Soundsystems new album "Sound Of Silver" - now, im not posting any links on here but it is outthere and its bloody good. In fact, its raised the bar pretty high for new music next year - its a huge leap forward from the debut album. James Murphy isnt too pleased about it though, he spoke of the news on his forum "the leak makes me sad. I mean, I knew it was ineveitable to some degree, but I barely finished the record, and I just wanted to get through the new year without this. It sucks - I didn't leak it. It wasn't intentional. Please don't share it if you have it. please."
Now, as much as I can simpify with Mr LCD unfortuantely this is how things work nowadays - everything leaks at some point, but as ive come to realise, people will generally still buy the album anyway. Its normally the big fans who can't wait for the new material.

Other leaks available are The Shins third album "Wincing The Night Away" which contrary to what most people are saying is fucking brilliant, Super Furries head boy Gruff Rhys's second solo outing entitled "Candylion" and notably the new Field Music album "Tones Of Town".
2007 is shaping up to be a great year already!

Speaking of great music in 2007 - Wilco have finished touring for the year to finish off their new as yet untitled album due for release on Nonesuch records sometime in May. The band have been roadtesting new material for some time now, whether or not all the tracks will appear on the new album or not is to be debated but song titles include; "Let's Not Get Carried Away", "Side With the Seeds", "What Light", "Shake It Off", "Impossible Germany", "Lullaby for Rafter and Beams", "Patient With Me", "Let's Fight", "Is That the Thanks I Get?", "Maybe the Sun Will Shine" "On and On and On" and "Walken". Whats more you lucky people can sample these new tracks by wandering over to Jesse Jarnow's Frank and Earthy blog where you can download a selection of currently available songs taped at recent shows. Know one knows how long these links will be up for so go and fill yer boots quickly. Major kudos for Wilco as they have always been really cool about having their shows taped and shared on the internet.

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