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Monday, September 04, 2006

Thundering Guitars & Songs About Snakes.

Alas, its Monday morning. The weekend is over and I'm back at work. What better way is there then to start the week by mentioning Thee Single Spy whos self styled Gothic Black and Blues is the perfect soundtrack!

Armed with an acoustic guitar and a voice that brings the unlikely pairing of Coner Oberst and Shane McGowan to mind the two tracks on his myspace page are outstanding, and if they're anything to go by - the forthcoming debut release should be an absolute corker.

As a live act Single Spy also has the helping hand of upto ten musicians (Lambchop anyone?) including (in his own words) Organ, Skateboard Wheel Spinners, Wood Slappers, Trumpeters, Clarinettists, Saxophonists, Melodicas, Hummers, Xylophone tinklers, Harmony makers and mischief makers.

I insist you go over to his myspace site now and download the two tracks on offer - then after you've fallen in love with them ask nicely for a CD, im sure he won't mind. Then you can repay the favour by going to see him play at the following shows:

Sep 17 2006 'What's Wrong With My Boyfriend?' @
Page 2 Bar, London SE15
Sep 26 2006 Fight The Night @
The New Cross Inn, New Cross, London SE14
Nov 29 2006 Lark in the Park, Islington, London N1

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