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Thursday, September 21, 2006

PJ Harvey to Release Peel Sessions Collection

PJ Harvey's power is best experienced live and raw, and who better captured that energy than John Peel? The magic of the relationship between the artist and the legendary DJ will be unleashed upon the masses with the release of PJ Harvey - The Peel Sessions 1991-2004, due via Island Records in conjunction with the BBC on October 23 in the UK.

The due date falls during a month of commemorative events honoring the second anniversary of Peel's death.

Louise Kattenhorn, Peel's former producer, said in a press release, "John loved the sessions and was thrilled to have Polly record so many for his show. He considered her a wonderful artist and they were great friends."

The collection includes tracks spanning from early versions of Polly Jean's 1992 debut, Dry, to her most recent LP, 2004's Uh Huh Her.


01 Oh My Lover [Peel session, October 29, 1991]
02 Victory [Peel session, October 29, 1991]
03 Sheela-Na-Gig [Peel session, October 29, 1991]
04 Water [Peel session, October 29, 1991]
05 Naked Cousin [Peel session, March 3, 1993]
06 Wang Dang Doodle [Peel session, March 3, 1993]
07 Losing Ground [Peel session, September 5, 1996]
08 Snake [Peel session, September 5, 1996]
09 That Was My Veil [Peel session, September 5, 1996]
10 This Wicked Tongue [Peel session, November 10, 2000]
11 Beautiful Feeling [Peel session, November 10, 2000]
12 You Come Through [John Peel tribute, December 16, 2004]

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