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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Albert Hammond Jnr Debut Single

Friend of Line Of Best Fit and fellow blogger Rich Hughes reviews Albert Hammond Jnrs new single Everyone Gets A Star for CD Times:

Albert Hammond Jnr. - Everyone Gets A Star

It sounds like The Strokes. C'mon, did you expect anything else? Albert Hammond, Jr's solo single is everything you might imagine it to be, except that it's rather good. His voice comes across not like Julian Casablancas' rock n roll scream, but more like Willy Mason - deep and gentle.

Otherwise it's business as usual with its post-punk meanderings and highly strung guitars with the unexpected bonus of the chorus thrashing about a bit. In my mind, at least, it's better than most of the songs from the last Strokes album. Certainly, the proposition of his solo album is now more eagerly awaited than previously.

Download Everyone Gets A Star [here]

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