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Monday, October 30, 2006

There's so much music on myspace. From bands with 60,000 friends and great reviews in the mainstream media to kids with songs they recorded yesterday and 17 views on their profiles - everything is there. It's a mess.

But it's a good mess, you know. A good problem. No such thing as too-much-information when this information is music. This is where bestmyspaceband steps in. is a community site solely devoted to the art of finding good shit on myspace. Launched only a few months ago, it means to be a place to explore and vote on new stuff that music addicts came across, and where anyone can promote their favourite acts they find on their own myspace journeys.

You can think of it as a human filter that plucks out the good stuff from this huge universe of almost unlimited music. And as it'll attract the music-obsessed to post the gems they discover (and vote on what others had promoted), it could eventually help us in getting deeper into the groove.

Some good unsigned acts on BMB in the last week:

The Morning Benders
It won't take too long for this band from Berkeley, California to get signed. Their songs sound like a mix of the Shins and the Strokes, and it works like magic.

One Trick Pony
The guy who promoted them on BMB wrote: "Music, stolen from around the world and mashed together in the Fens. Designed to get you dancing around your kitchen". It does sound organic, lively and healthy.

Jd Allbass
Described as "Stanley Kubrick and Bruce Lee driving Miss Daisy", this eclectic instrument-backed cut&paste effort by Madrid based Taylor Holidays (who also leads a Spanish band called Holidays in the Sun) is a real cutie.

Laila's Lounge
This group of psychedelic indie-rockers from Malaysia has some good sounds and the right attitude.

Submitted to BMB when it had only 25 profile views, this band of New Zealand teenagers uses exactly the right amount of stupidity to make their music brilliant.

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